Be More Fit Than Yourself

I used to compare myself to others. When I flipped through magazines such as Men's Health, I used to say I wanna be like that person, or wanting to be like the guy who does 300+ lbs bench press at the gym.

While I might never be like the people in the magazine or be the strongest person at the gym, I know I am better than myself before. 

There are people who brag about doing 20+ pullups. In the past, I wasn't able to do more than 2, but now I can do 10. I am better than myself before.

I remember at the age of 18 when I went to lift weights for the very first time, I couldn't do more than 65 lbs bench press. I had someone spot me to make sure I didn't hurt myself. Now, I can do a few reps at 170 lbs bench pressing. I am better than myself before.

Stop worrying about what people think! The most important thing is taking great care of yourself. People are attracted to people who take great care of themselves.

If you can't do pushups, then do pushups with your knees touching the floor at home. Nobody has to know. Just by doing that, you are already better than yourself the day before

Exercising makes you feel more confident in yourself. It sure makes me feel good after a session at the gym. 

You don't need an accountability buddy or only go to the gym when your friend(s) can make it. I go alone and I can go when I have time instead of waiting for someone to go together

Make fitness a lifestyle instead of a short term summer beach body thing

Splurge on delicious meals every now and then... reward yourself for a job well done

Assuming most of you are not going for bodybuilding contests, you don't need much time at the gym

I go mostly twice a week, and focus on compound exercises at the gym such as chest press, pullups, squats. They work a lot of different muscle groups at the same time. It also allows you to lift more weights when you are using multiple muscle groups

A nice body is mostly created in the kitchen. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet

Some days, I feel lazy and don't want to go to gym. When I feel that way, instead of thinking about exercise (the lazy part), I just force myself to drive over there. Once you are there, you don't want to waste time sitting around doing nothing so you are forced to exercise


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